Want something scarier than your midterms? 🥴 MACSS, MBSU, NUM and SACS present to you A(nat) B(io) N’(euro) C(ogSci)’s Creepy Crawl! 🎃 

Team up 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 and theme up 🎠 with your friends for a night of mischief 😏 around the McGill Ghetto! Alcoholic 🍻 and non-alcoholic 🧃 beverages will be provided, and prizes 🏅 will be given out to the most daring 😈 teams! Grab your tickets 🎟 NOW on the NUM 🧠 website: https://www.numcgill.com/shop/p/halloween-event!

Join us at Tipsy Cow 🐄 afterwards to mingle (or flirt) with your new friends and to show off your costume 👻 and best dance 🕺 moves!

Keep an eye out on your McGill emails because we will be sending out updates on team members, specific locations and scheduling closer to the event. Costumes are ✨mandatory✨ so don’t be lame… Get your sPooK 👹 on!

Time: 7PM-9:30PM
Location: McGill Ghetto
Price: $15 in-department, $18 out-of-department
Drinks 🥃, candies 🍬 and other surprises 👀 await you.

NUM 🧠 website: https://www.numcgill.com/shop/p/halloween-event!

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