Council Members

Kate Noseworthy


My favourite organ is… The brain – it’s so complicated yet so simple, fragile yet so powerful – the mystery of this organ is so intriguing to me

My favourite cells are hepatocytes because they’re funky 

Favourite MACSS Event: Year end formal

Oliver Wu Martinez

VP Events

My favourite organ is… the heart. It pumps continuously, 86,400 seconds a day, 365 days a year. It doesn’t stop. To me, sounds like the supreme organ. 

My favourite cells are…  Hematopoietic stem cells duh! Important for almost all that constitutes in our blood!   

Favourite MACSS Event: Formal! There is nothing quite classy like suiting up with your friends and dancing all night long. Oh! And did I mention open bar?!?!

Emily Di Nunzio

VP Academics

My favourite organs are…Bones!! Their functions are way more dynamic than they often get credit for

My favourite cells are…Osteoclasts – I just love a good multinucleated cell 

Favourite MACSS Event: The Welcome Back BBQ!!

Ethan Ponton

VP Academics

My favourite organ(s) is/are… Skin because without it I’d just be muscle and bones and that would be creepy!

My favourite cells are Parietal cells because they look like pink fried eggs

Most likely to… Favourite MACSS Event: Wine and Cheese!

Maryam Mahjoob

VP Finance

My favourite organs are… kidneys! 

My favourite cells are… Purkinje cells – they are just so dang Purtyy!!!!!

Favourite MACSS Event: The End of the Year Formal! A great opportunity to meet so many amazing people in your classes, and enjoy some yummy food as well!

Rahul Thareja


My favourite organs are… eyes because words mean nothing, unless the eyes speak them too

My favourite cells are red blood cells because I absolutely love having oxygen in my body

Favourite MACSS Event: Wine and Cheese!

Becca Falutz

VP Communications

My favourite organ is… the brain! It looks like a whole lot of random squiggles but everything has a function and that’s so fascinating to me

My favourite cells are… Stellate cells – they’re star shaped, what could be cooler?!

Favourite MACSS Event: Any and all apartment crawls we host!

Golnaz Zahedi-Niaki

VP External

My favourite organ is…the eye. As Shakspeare once said, “The Eyes are the window to your soul”. 

My favourite cells are… Osteoblasts because they’re a blast 😉 

Favourite MACSS Event: ~Spooky~ Crawl! Who doesn’t love dressing up and running across campus?

Aleks Mihic

VP Internal

My favourite organ is… the brain! It is so fascinating to me because of its incredible complexity. I like it because we use it for basically everything, yet we know so little about it.

My favourite cells are… Stem cells, because they have the capacity to become ~almost anything~

Favourite MACSS Event: Year End Formal

Carol Wissa

U1 Representative

My favourite organ is… the liver, it just regenerates itself even if there’s barely any of it left

My favourite cells are… astrocytes because they’re ~stellar~ 

Favourite MACSS Event: ~Spooky~ Crawl!

Joseph Sayegh

U1 Representative

My favourite organs are… the ears! The ear is an underrated organ, aside from its funny shape, the process behind hearing is fascinating. 

My favourite cells are… Epithelial cells because all epithelial cells rest on a basement membrane. 

Favourite MACSS Event: Wine and cheese

Sayaka Hansen

U1 Representative

My favourite organ is…the heart that encompasses my love for the people that surround me everyday!

My favourite cells are… Neutrophils for being your key first responders!

Favourite MACSS Event: Wine and Cheese because who doesn’t love dressing up a little and catching up with the people in your favourite program! 😉