What are NTCs?

NTCs are note-packs that can be purchased for specific courses. Created by students enrolled in the course, NTCs are a strong supplementary material for your studies. MACSS NTCs are sold as weekly sets containing the notes for one week of lectures. The profits are used to fund MACSS events and scholarships. Click below for a sample from ANAT 365.

NTC Sample

NTC Status

We offer NTCs for ANAT 261, 214, 321, 365 and 381.

Stop by during office hours to purchase your academic items!

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NTC Feedback Form

Spotted a mistake in your NTCs? Help out your fellow peers by providing us with feedback and outlining the mistake you noticed!


NTCs will now utilize a new pricing scheme



  • Lab Manuals ($40) – after 10% discount: $36
  • Coursepacks + Answers ($50) – after 10% discount: $45
  • Lab Manual + Coursepack = $81
  • Lab Manual + Coursepack + NTC = $131

NTC Bundle Discounted Prices:

$50 per course (if you purchase NTCs for multiple classes, you get a significant discount) 

2 courses -> $90 

3 courses -> ONLY $120

You can redeem this offer across different semesters! e.g. you purchase 2 courses now for $90 (so $45 per course!) but you’re only taking ANAT261 this semester :0 DONT WORRY You can redeem the second NTC course in ANOTHER SEMESTER! 

*The 10% discount is only applicable to lab manuals and coursepacks and not NTCs*