ACB Course Guide 2020 – 2021

Hey ACB!

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Hey Anatomy and Cell Biology Students,

As students, we all deal with a lot of stress and pressure from multiple aspects of life. It is critical to sometimes take a step back and think about our wellbeing. In these stressful and overwhelming periods, it is especially important to take care of yourself.

With this in mind, McGill SUS Mental Health and the McGill Peer Support Centre have each put together a list of resources that students and staff can look through to obtain more information on taking care of yourself and who to reach in times of need. You can reach out, at anytime, to the different professionals or groups listed in these documents. 

Please know that you are important and that it is absolutely ok to reach out to friends or professionals in times of need.

Peace – Love – Anat

Assessment Regulation Winter 2022 ~ Faculty of Science

As students, it is important to know what your rights and regulations for assessments are. Below is a resource provided by SUS Academics that explains the regulations for all examinations and presentations in courses offered by the FACULTY OF SCIENCE for this semester.

This can help you understand the regulations and bring forth to your MACSS VP Academics (email: any concerns if class assessments are not in line with the official rules!

Assessment Regulations: