MACSS’ first remote event for this winter is here!! Come join our event and enjoy a nice yoga session to help you kick off the start of this semester! Our online event will be held on February 5th at 11:00AM (EDT).
This event is a special 40-min yoga class for a mindful yoga flow incorporating a full-body stretch with some core-toning poses to increase your strength. The class uses a few different techniques (breath + body connection) to bring you into the present moment. Improving your mindfulness in your yoga practice will help you enjoy the subtle benefits of yoga, such as improved focus, calm, peacefulness, clarity, and quality of sleep.
It is also a good opportunity to see some of your peers and relax with them, all from the comfort of your home and for FREE!! If you wish to attend this wonderful class, please fill out this google form ( so we can send you the zoom link for the class! Here is also the link to our facebook event:

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