The weather outside means it’s officially the time for winter blues, but fret not, MBSU, MACSS and MISA are here to cheer you up with you guessed it, a crawl!

It’s not just any crawl, it’s a pajama crawl! No more worrying about pretending you put clothes on for the day when let’s face it, nowadays there’s hardly a reason to change. Get comfortable and get ready to participate in all the classic crawl games. We know it looks different than previous pajama crawls, but we promise we’re doing our best to make it fun!

Teams can be up to 8 members and all team members must sign up by completing this google form which will be open until the 17th at 7:00 pm EST.…/1FAIpQLSeSWUPwkcPOz5…/viewform

We look forward to seeing everyone there!!!

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