Alper Avi Benardete


What is your spirit cell organelle?

Plasma Membrane! The plasma membrane allows the cell to interact with its environment and its neighbor cells! So it’s the key to socializing! As an extroverted person who loves meeting more and more people, plasma membrane is the perfect spirit organelle for me. Also semi-permeability ; only good vibes allowed!

Anatomy or cell biology? Why?

Anatomy! Even though I am also very fascinated by the magical world of a cell, I really enjoy learning about our own body and being able to relate that knowledge to our lives.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned in ANAT?

The Cranial Nerve Acronym

What’s your favourite MACSS event?

Honestly all of them, they are all super fun, inclusive and beneficial. A great event has only two ingredients: a good organizer and a great community. Luckily we have both!

Anything else you want to say to the Anat & Cell Bio fam?

Our main goal as the council is to improve and embellish everyone’s undergraduate experience in our lovely Anatomy & Cell Biology Department. So always share with us your concerns, ideas and experiences! Join and help us to make these few years unforgettable!