BUGS X MACSS Presents: A Ball for Kings and Queens!

BUGS X MACSS PRESENTS: A Ball for Kings and Queens.

Calling all Nobility, Knights, Jousters and Royals. Your court has been busy at work planning the final hurrah. Come celebrate the end of the year at this royal joust with the houses of BUGS and MACSS at the royal palace of Espace des Arts. Be ready to dance the night away and feast on regal wine and liquor (It is unlimited after all). We hope to see your royal highness’ there from 9pm to the break of dawn (1am).

House of BUGS or MACSS (in department): $25
Consort of BUGS or MACSS (out of department) :$30

Date: Friday, 5 April 2019 from 21:00-01:00
Location: Espace des Arts 9 St Catherine St E, Montreal, QC H2X 1K3


Eventbrite Link:

For any concerns/ If you would like to invite someone out of McGill/ Have financial burdens, please email: Bugs.u3@gmail.com

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