Pajama Jam Crawl

What better way to celebrate the reunion of the Jonas Brothers than a middle school pajama crawl hosted by MACSS and MBSU. Join us on the 23rd of March to experience ~the best of both worlds~ by hopping across the ghetto from apartment to apartment in your favourite pajamas. The crawl will be followed by an insane after party at BDP!

Feel free to sign up in groups or individually!

Once the form is filled out, you can drop by the MBSU or MACSS office to pay and receive your bracelet. The price is 15$ for in the department and $20 for out of department. Payments can be done in cash or by e-transfer (password is pajama). Side note: for e-transfer payments you must add 1.25$ to cover the fees

Participant Form:

Captain Form:

*While we love ANAT and BIOL, we’re all Wildcats which means all departments are welcome to participate.

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