Mental Health & Wellness Workshop

Are you interested in getting involved in Anatomy’s Mental Health program, practicing your active listening skills or simply learning more about wellness in general? This workshop is for you! It will be held Wednesday, March 21st from 1:30-5:00pm. Coffee and snacks will be provided! 🙂

Check out our Facebook event below.

Mental Health & Wellness Workshop

In addition to the workshop, an initiative has been launched with the goal of bringing a student space to Strathcona. This space would serve as a meeting place for students and supporters from the Mental Health and Wellness program, a hangout spot before class, a place to eat lunch, hold meetings, etc. We understand that in most other buildings, undergraduate departments have a student space that have various functions and this is what we envision for Strathcona.

If you like the sound of this then fill out the form below! In order for this project to move forward we need to hear from you.

Mental Health Student Space

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